You should really stop reading this article if you have already settled on buying an engagement ring at Tiffany’s. If you want to save money, this is the worst move you can make! The name and that famous turquoise box are beautiful but not worth the ridiculous markup. The 4 C’s of diamonds do not mention anything about brand names, so stick to finding the best cut, color, clarity, and carat weight you can afford.

But buying a beautiful pair of earring is a little daunting task especially for those people who are buying it for the first time. And if you are a first time buyer then here are few tips which will help you in finding wonderful earrings for your sweetheart.

Cee would by her children expensive, elaborate clothes in which to get their pictures taken. After the photo shoots, in the closet the “good” clothes would go, never to be worn again, lest they get ruined. Same with the beautiful Christmas dollies. They could be held, looked at, but not played with. Even the hair netting was to be left in place . . . lest they get ruined.